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Community Health

Putting Your Community Health Degree To Work

Students who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health from the University of Kansas will prepare for positions in city, state, and federal health departments or community-based organizations. Graduate school opportunities include advanced study in various fields such as psychology of physical activity, kinesiology, exercise science, nursing, dental hygiene, health education, corporate wellness, applied behavioral science, or dietetics.

Potential Careers In Community Health

Post-graduation position titles within the field of Community Health include:

  • Hospital/Clinic-based Educator
  • Health Consultant
  • Health Counselor
  • Grant Officer
  • Program Developer
  • Outreach Worker

In addition to these position options, those who choose to pursue an advanced degree are competitive for many highly-selective doctoral, and professional school (ie: law, business administration) programs across the country.

Students interested in careers in Community Health should visit the University Career Center web page for information on career paths, position titles, salary and income levels, and more!

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