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73 undergraduates to present summer research

Thursday, July 27, 2017

LAWRENCE — Each summer, undergraduates from around the world join current University of Kansas students in conducting research with KU faculty. Seventy-three of these students will present their research Friday, July 28, at the KU Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session at The Commons.

“Summer undergraduate research has a long history at KU, and faculty and staff across campus put in a lot of work to bring students to campus to have an immersive research experience during the summer months,” said John Augusto, director of KU’s Center for Undergraduate Research. “This Friday, students from KU, Haskell Indian Nations University and other REU students will be sharing what they have discovered over the past 10 weeks.”

Presenters include students taking part in the following programs:

  • Beckman Scholars Program
  • Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) Scholars Program
  • McNair Scholars Program
  • National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Programs sponsored by the following units:
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Office for Diversity in Science Training programs:
    • 500 Nations Bridge Program with Haskell Indian Nations University
    • Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • Undergraduate Research Award recipients.

The poster session is co-sponsored by the Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) Scholars Program and KU’s Center for Undergraduate Research. The program, including abstracts of the research posters, can be found on the Center’s website. Students who will present their work are listed below, along with their hometown, home institution, project title, faculty mentor and department:

Chloe Adams, Shawnee, KU; “Investigating the Role of syg-2 in the GABAergic Motor Neurons of Caenorhabditis elegans,” Brian Ackley and Rob Ward, molecular biosciences.

Jacob Arvidson, Cropwell, Alabama, KU; “Investigation of the Electron Withdrawing Potential of Polycyanated Isocyanoazulenes via Computational, Spectroscopic and Electrochemical Means,” Mikhail Barybin, chemistry.

Ashley Borkowski, Grayson, Georgia, Georgia Gwinnett College; “Large Scale Arrays of Protein Nanostructures Using Particle Lithography,” Cindy Berrie, chemistry.

Madison Bowler, Tulsa, Oklahoma, KU; “Further Investigation into the Phase Diagram for Dental Monomer/Co-Solvent System,” Paulette Spencer, mechanical engineering.

Taylor Brasted, Wichita, KU; “Monolayer and Bilayer Studies of the Interaction of Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxone) with Phospholipid Membranes,” Cory Berkland and Jimmy Song, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Kathryn Brewer, Overland Park, KU; “Assessing the Post-translational Modification of PvdJ Module 2 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa,” Audrey Lamb, molecular biosciences.

Hester Bronnvik-Romaelva, University of Vermont; “The Genetics Governing Flower Colour in Penstemon kunthii,” Lena Hileman and Carolyn Wessinger, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Bailey Brooks, Midland, Texas, Texas Tech University; “Development of Novel Antigen-specific Immunotherapites,” Melissa Pressnall and Chad Pickens, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Alicia Brown, Phoenix, Arizona, Haskell Indian Nations University; “Stimulus Control of Response Induction during Delays of Reinforcement,” David Jarmolowicz and Shea Lemley, applied behavioral science.

Nguyen Bui, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Creighton University; “Rapid Antibody Library Construction of VRC34 by Nicking Site Saturation Mutagenesis,” Brandon DeKosky and Thuy-Duong Nguyen, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Brooklyn Campbell, Kansas City, Missouri, Park University; “Microbial Mediated Growth of Three Grass Species across Different Soil Nutrient Environments,” James Bever and Alice Tipton, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Cody Campbell, Wichita, KU; “Children’s Perceptions about Physical Activity and Variations with Age,” Ric Steele and Arwen Marker, Clinical Child Psychology Program.

Rebecca Clark, Mission Viejo, California, California State University Fullerton; “Comparison of Exosome Isolation Methods and Cytochrome P450 Levels between Cells and Exosomes,” Michael Wang and Laura Drbohlav, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Mark Craven, Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, Dublin City University; “Pincer Ligands as Probes for Studying the Structure and Binding Activity of Phytate,” Kristin Bowman-James, chemistry.

Celeste Cummings, St. Louis, Westminster College; “Dissecting the Transgenerational Effects of Off-target Gene Silencing by piRNA,” Justin Blumenstiel, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Cara Davis, Wichita, KU; “Structural and Functional Characterization of a Yersinia pestis Opine Dehydrogenase Involved in Metallophore Biosynthesis,” Audrey Lamb, molecular biosciences.

Sofia de la O, Bel Aire, KU; “Investigation of High Surface Area, Ion-Exchange Materials for Removal of Excess Iron from the Body,” Mark Shiflett and Cory Berkland, chemical & petroleum engineering.

Sean Dunham, Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia; “Exposure of the IgG4 Fc Region to Peroxyl Radicals Results in Oxidation of Met, Trp, and Leu and an Asp-Trp Backbone Cleavage,” Christian Schöneich and Björn Peters, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Austin Eades, Jenks, Oklahoma, Fort Lewis College; “Synthesis of γ,δ-unsaturated Ketones via Ring Opening of Methyltrimethylsilyl Cyclopropanes,” Michael Rubin, chemistry.

Sarah Gavin, Arlington, Virginia, KU; “Photoluminescence Experiments on 2-D Materials,” Hui Zhao and Sam Lane, physics & astronomy.

Karina Guadalupe, Menifee, California, California State University of San Marcos; “Fluorescence Lifetime Studies of Calmodulin-eNOS Complexes,” Carey Johnson and Sheila Bailey, chemistry.

Henry Guajardo, Houston, Brigham Young University; “How Breeding Peak Phenology Affects Arbovirus Transmission,” Folashade Agusto, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Paige Hansen, Brookings, South Dakota, KU; “Novel Methods of Determining the Effects of Soil Microbial Abundance on Fire Feedbacks,” Ben Sikes, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Megan Hansen, Hutchinson, KU; “Determining the Function of Apyrene Sperm via Artificial Insemination of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) and Carolina Sphinx Moth (Manduca sexta),” Robert Ward and James Walters, molecular biosciences.

Whitney Harmon, Overland Park, KU; “Photochromic Switching in the Plasmonic Field of Gold Nanoparticles,” Christopher Elles and Christopher Otolski, chemistry.

Andrew Hecht, Shawnee, KU; “Metabolic Toxicity and Antibiotic Tolerance in Escherichia coli,” Christian Ray and Robert Ward, molecular biosciences.

Veronica Heredia, Lawrence, KU; “U.S. Latinx and Caucasian Immigration Sentiments: Expanding the Conversation,” Ludwin Molina, psychology.

Kunal Karnik, Lawrence, KU; “Data Driven Workforce Project - Sentiment Analysis on JobDescription to understand the conversion rate of employees,” Prasad Kulkarni, electrical engineering & computer science.

Mattea Keister, Arvada, Colorado, KU; “Unexpected Silencing at a Genetically Engineered Locus: Mechanism and Sequence,” Lisa Timmons, molecular biosciences, and David Benson, chemistry.

Micalea Klaus, Moore, Oklahoma, Ottawa University; “Courtship and Mating Patterns in the Invasive Drosophilid Zaprionus indianus,” Jennifer Gleason, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Alex Kolomaya, Omaha, Nebraska, KU; “Isolation of Exosomes Using a Label-Free Size Exclusion Method,” Yong Zeng, chemistry.

Colton Lagerman, Great Bend, KU; “PEGDA Hydrogel Network Model Evaluation: Correlating Mechanical Properties to Molecular Structure,” Stevin Gehrke, chemical engineering.

Ashley Lemonds, Friedheim, Missouri, Truman State University; “Effects of Precipitation on Male and Female Reproductive Activity in Anolis distichus,” Richard Glor and Javier Torres Lopez, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Joseph Loomis, Pratt, KU; “Assessing the Impact of Chemotherapeutic Agents on the Zebrafish Brain through Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry,” Michael Johnson, chemistry.

Gabrielle Lorenz, Lenexa, Purdue University; “Characterizing the Role of Rio (CG11340) in Larval Trachea of Drosophila to Understand Molecular Mechanisms involved in Tissue-Specific Growth,” Robert Ward, molecular biosciences.

David Maldonado, Utuado, Puerto Rico, University of Texas of the Permian Basin; “Toward a Low-Valent, Poly-Electrochromic Nanocomplex with up to 20-Electron Redox Capacity,” Mikhail Barybin and Jason Applegate, chemistry.

Angel Marquez, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Universidad Metropolitana; “Niche Analysis and Possible Effects of Climate Change on the Genus Lynx,” Jorge Soberon, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Lauren Melcher, Lancaster, Texas, Texas A&M University-Commerce; “Evolution Rates in Asexual Populations: Gamma-distributed Deleterious and Beneficial Mutational Effects and Clonal Interference,” Maria Orive, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Arissa Mercer, Mead, Oklahoma, Southwestern Oklahoma State University; “Effects of Phenological Shifts in Breeding Peaks on Arboviral Transmission,” Folashade Agusto, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Rose-Bertine Mercier, Kansas City, Missouri, KU; “Observing Food Pricing Differences in Farmers’ Markets and Price Chopper Supermarkets in Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Areas,” Susan Harvey, health, sport & exercise sciences.

Zalma Molina, Topeka, KU; “Injection Induced Seismicity in Sumner County, Kansas,” George Tsoflias & Alex Nolte, geology.

Will Moore, Prairie Village, KU; “Multielectron Redox Processes in a Novel Rhodium Bipyridine Complex Relevant to Hydrogen Fuel Production,” James Blakemore, chemistry.

Spencer Morgan, Ottawa, KU; “The Role of Specific ICP0 Motifs in Counteracting Interferon Response During HSV-1 Infection,” David Davido, molecular biosciences.

Emma Murrugarra, Kansas City, KU; “The Role of Menstrual Hormone Regulation: A Longitudinal Study Using Amazon Mechanical Turk,” Ruth Ann Atchley, psychology.

Tanner Myers, Louisburg, KU; “Testing Species Boundaries Among Genetically Distinct Populations of Anole Lizards: A Morphological Inquiry,” Rich Glor and Pietro de Mello, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Trevor Neal, New Bloomfield, Missouri, Westminster College; “Increasing the Efficiency of Electrostatic Calculations for Vapor-Liquid Equilibria,” Brian Laird, chemistry.

Valerie Pringle, Eudora, KU; “Determining the Contribution to Mechanical Strength of Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) Hydrogels by Manipulating Chain Configurations by Use of Salt,” Stevin Gehrke, chemical & petroleum engineering.

Emily Reno, Lawrence, KU; “Realizing Our Potential: Why Investing in Young and Beginning Farmers in Kansas Matters,” Paul Stock, sociology.

Travis Rivera, Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester State University; “Saturation Kinetics of Mn(III)-OH Complexes via Computational Methods,” Timothy Jacskon and Derek Rice, chemistry.

Kyler Ross, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Southern Nazarene University; “Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Light-induced Isomerization of Deinococcus Radiodurans Bacteriophytochrome,” Krzysztof Kuczera and Marco Caricato, chemistry.

Sarah Schaefer, Overland Park, KU; “Characterization and Comparison of HeLa Cell Exosomes Isolated by Ultracentrifugation and Total Cell Exosome Isolation Kit,” Michael Wang and Laura Drbohlav, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Mara Schlichting, Hiawatha, KU; “Exploring the Genetics of Flower Color Intensity,” Lena Hileman, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Sonia Schoneich, Lawrence, KU; “Development of Microchip Electrophoresis Based Separation Sensor for Analysis of Catecholamines in Neurodegeneration in Zebrafish Brains,” Susan Lunte, chemistry.

Ashley Springs, Idabel, Oklahoma, KU; “Spinal Posture and Range of Motion in Healthy Adults,” Sara Wilson, mechanical engineering.

Starla Stephens, Gardner, Haskell Indian Nations University; “Phyloforensics Determines Introduced Population of the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake in Kansas,” Rafe Brown and Luke Welton, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Eleanor Stewart-Jones, Mission, KU; “Generation and Characterization of a Manganese (III) Intermediate,” Timothy Jackson and Allyssa Massie, chemistry.

Aubrie Stricker, Gardner, KU; “The Effects of RHO-1 and Its Regulator RHGF-1 on Growth Cone Outgrowth in C. elegans,” Erik Lundquist and Mahekta Gujar, molecular biosciences.

Arielle Swopes, Topeka, KU; “Social Defeat in Prairie Voles (Microtus ochrogaster): An Animal Model of Depression and Anxiety,” Adam Smith, pharmacology & toxicology.

Madeleine Tadros, Leawood, Rice University; “Development of Scale-Down Assays for Assessment of Mechanisms by Which Tangential Flow Filtration Causes Protein Instability,” Neal Whitaker, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Cay Thompson, Kansas City, Haskell Indian Nations University; “The Effects of Water Level on Green House Gas Fluxes in a Restored Wetland,” Amy Burgin and Terry Loecke, environmental studies.

Keylyn Turney, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Haskell Indian Nations University; “Effects of 4-second and 8-second Delays of Reinforcement on Response Induction,” David Jarmolowicz and Shea Lemley, applied behavioral science.

Rachel Uhlir, Menomonie, Wisconsin, University of Mary; “On Chip Quantitative Measurements of miR-200a Based on Duplex-Specific Nuclease Signal Amplification,” Yong Zeng and Xin Zhou, chemistry.

Tyler Van, Wichita, KU; “Identifying Changes in Crosslink Density Due to Charge Complexation in Double Network Hydrogels,” Stevin Gehrke, chemical engineering.

Alyssa Vasquez, Kansas City, Missouri, KU; “High Enlistment Rates: Black Women and the U.S. Military,” Adrian Lewis, history.

Bryan Vasquez, Great Bend, KU; “Characterizing the Role of FtnA in Pseudomonas aeruginosa,” Mario Rivera and Anabel Soldano, chemistry.

Kynser Wahwahsuck, Leavenworth, Haskell Indian Nations University; “Long-term Effects of Nutrient Enrichment and Haying Disturbance on Grassland Community Dynamics and Tall-grass Prairie Restoration,” Bryan Foster, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Nicole Walker, Lake Zurich, Illinois, Western Illinois University; “Measuring Chemotherapy-Induced Dopamine Changes in Zebrafish,” Michael Johnson, chemistry.

Virangika Wimalasena, Wichita, KU; “Determining the Specificity of Designed Peptide that Inhibits Antibiotic Resistance,” Joanna Slusky, molecular biosciences.

Maria Woehler, Hiawatha, Haskell Indian Nations University; “Gravitational Effects on Asymmetry in Webs of Orb-weaving Spiders,” Deborah Smith, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Zachary Wood, Eureka, Missouri, KU; “Assessing the Scope and Limitations of a New 13C NMR Approach for Probing Charge Delocalization in Electron-rich Organometallics Featuring the Isocyanide Junction Unit,” Misha Barybin, chemistry.

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