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Athletic Training

Athletic Training Program Curriculum

The KU Athletic Training program curriculum is built on the belief that it is critical for KU students to not only gain a broad-based athletic training education, but to supplement that education with hands-on practical experience in the field. This powerful combination allows our students to excel in any athletic training environment. Freshmen and transfer students will complete the KU Core Curriculum for general education requirements. Review the Academic Catalog or consult the new program detail sheet (pdf) for more comprehensive information.

Sample Plan of Study 

Freshman Year (apply for professional program admission)

Fall Semester Spring Semester

BIOL 100/102: Principles of Biology Lecture & Lab

PSYC 104:General Psychology

ENGL 101: English Composition

MATH 101: College Algebra

Global Awareness Requirement

HSES 250: Intro to Athletic Training

HSES 251: Intro to Athletic Training Practicum

ENGL 102: Critical Reading & Writing

HSES 330: Nutrition & Health

BIOL 240: Human Anatomy

Arts & Humanities Requirement

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester

HSES 353: Athletic Training Practicum I

MATH 103: Trigonometry

HSES 260: Personal & Community Health

COMS 130: Speaker Audience Communication

PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics

BIOL 241: Human Anatomy Lab

HSES 355: Athletic Training Practicum II

HSES 354: Lower Extremity Evaluation

PHSX 114: College Physics I

BIOL 246: Human Physiology

HSES Elective #1 (300+)

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester

HSES 457: Athletic Training Practicum III

HSES 352: Therapeutic Modalities

HSES 456: Upper Extremity Evaluation

HSES 369: Kinesiology

HSES 472: Exercise Physiology

HSES 460: Athletic Training Practicum IV

HSES 459: Rehabilitation

HSES 470: Biomechanics

CHEM 130: General Chemistry I

English Requirement 

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester

HSES 462: Athletic Training Practicum V

HSES 458: General Medical/Pharmacology

HSES 461: Organization & Administration of Athletic Training

HSES 480: Physical Activity & Exercise Management for Individuals with Disabilities

HSES Elective #2 (300+)

HSES 464: Athletic Training Practicum VI

HSES 463: Senior Capstone in Athletic Training

HSES 305: Strength Training & Conditioning

HSES 440: Applied Sport & Performance Psychology

HSES 473: Clinical Fitness Evaluation Techniques

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