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Physical Education Plus

Physical Education Plus Program Curriculum

The Physical Education Plus (formerly Health & Physical Education) teacher education program curriculum is built on the belief that it is critical for KU students to not only gain a broad-based teacher education preparation, but to supplement that education with hands-on practical experience in the field. This powerful combination allows our students to excel in any classroom environment. Freshmen and transfer students will complete the KU Core Curriculum for general education requirements. Review the Academic Catalog or consult the new program detail sheet (pdf) for more comprehensive information.

Sample Plan of Study

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester

ENGL 101: Composition

MATH 101: College Algebra

HSES 260: Personal & Community Health

SOC 104: Elements of Sociology

COMS 130: Speaker-Audience Communications

BIOL 101/102: Biology Lecture & Lab

ENGL 102: Critical Reading & Writing

HSES 202: Individual & Dual Sports

HSES 244: History & Foundations of Physical Education

MATH 105: Introduction to Topics in Mathematics

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester (+ summer)

HSES 201: Team Sports

BIOL 240: Human Anatomy

HSES 330: Principles of Nutrition & Health

HSES 248: First Aid

PSYC 104: General Psychology

HSES 214: PE Activity PK-6 

HSES 308: Drugs & Diseases in Society

HSES 489: Health & Human Sexuality

Earth Science or Physical Science Lecture & Lab Requirement

Junior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester (+ summer)

HSES 302: Practicum in Adaptive HPE for Elementary/Secondary

HSES 315: Health & Fitness Technology

HSES 340: Instructional Strategies in Motor Development

HSES 269: Intro to Exercise Science

HSES 467: Introduction to Health Education

SPED 326: Teaching Exceptional Youth in General Education

C&T 359: Basic Processes in Reading

HSES 108: Fitness Class

HSES 210: Instruction & Analysis of Swimming

HSES 320: Methods of Teaching PE

HSES 358: Creative Movement & Dance Appreciation

HSES 468: Methods & Materials of Health Education

HSES 440: Applied Sport & Performance Psychology

Senior Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester

C&T 235: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in K-12

ELPS 250: Education & Society

HSES 369: Kinesiology

HSES 410: Program Design in Physical Education

Global Awareness Requirement

HSE 500: Student Teaching

HSES 501: Seminar in Student Teaching HPE

Please note: This is only a sample plan of study. Please consult with your academic advisor before enrolling.

Suggested minors:

Business | Sport Management

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