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Physical Education Plus

Master's Degree in Physical Education Pedagogy Offers Customizable Curriculum

As a graduate student enrolled in the Master’s degree in Physical Education Pedagogy program, you can choose between two tracks within your program of study. Regardless of which program track you choose you are able to select tailored program coursework in consultation with your faculty advisor and enhance your learning to fit the needs of your professional interests and educational goals. You will first discover and identify your specific career goals and then consult with your faculty advisor to select your elective courses to compliment the required curriculum for all Physical Education Pedagogy students:

Sample Plan of Study

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
EPSY 715 Understanding Research in Education 3
HSES 823 Behavior Modification in Health & Exercise 3
HSES 831 Ethics in the Sport Industry 3
HSES 832 PE Instructional & Assessment Methods 3
HSES 836 Physical Education Curriculum Models, PK-12 3
SPED 725 Intro to Psych & Ed of Children & Youth with Disabilities 3
  Elective #1 3
  Select 1 of the following:  
ELPS 834 History & Philosophy of Education - OR - 3
ELPS 835 Philosophy of Education 3
  Additional Requirements (Thesis Track)  
HSES 995 Master's Thesis 6
  Total Program Hours (Thesis Track) 30
  Additional Requirements (Non-Thesis Track)  
HSES 804 Sport Psychology 3
HSES 830 Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport 3
  Elective #2 3
  Select 1 of the following:  
ELPS 830 Foundations of Multicultural Education - OR - 3
C&T 807 Multicultural Education 3
  Total Program Hours (Non-Thesis Track) 36

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Practicing Educator
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