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Putting Your Sport Management Degree To Work

A Ph.D. in sport management from KU is valuable in a number of fields. Those interested in academia as a career path can see the number of recent graduates who have gone onto become tenure-track faculty members at universities across the United States. Additionally, professionals in the field continue in their full-time positions (typically in athletics) while going through the program and use the degree for career advancement and knowledge development in the ever-competitive athletics marketplace.

Recent Graduates

Assistant Professor (ISU), Faculty Advisor: Angela Lumpkin

2015 Ph.D. Program Graduate

Faculty Web Page

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development (KU Athletics), Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jordan Bass

2017 Ph.D. Program Graduate

Professional Web Page

Assistant Professor (UNC), Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jordan Bass

2016 Ph.D. Program Graduate

Faculty Web Page

Assistant Professor (NIU)

2017 Ph.D. Program Graduate

Faculty Web Page

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