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The Department of Health, Sport, & Exercise Sciences (HSES) at KU shares a passion for healthy living with our surrounding greater Lawrence and Kansas City communities. Let us share some tips for adding physical activity to your (and your family's) everyday life, and sticking with it:

  • Start slowly - If you’re just starting, try a 20 minute walk either outside or on the treadmill.  You’ll feel good and eventually work up to more difficult routines.
  • Make an appointment - Start by scheduling in the time you plan to exercise as if it were an appointment.  
  • Find a buddy - Getting your family and/or friends involved in your new exercise routine will help with motivation.
  • Set weekly goals - Set goals for your nutrition and for your exercise. For example, tell yourself that you will go to the gym three times this week.
  • Set long term goals - Using the weekly goals you will step by step come closer to your long term goal.
  • Log it - Keep an exercise log or journal of what you did, for how long, and how you felt. There are also many helpful websites that allow you to track your exercise online.
  • Make physical activity a priority - Be honest with yourself about what you want. Once you believe it’s important enough you’ll start to make it happen.

However you decide to become physically active, and/or maintain a physically active lifestyle, we hope that you will consider the HSES Department in your activities. Explore the variety of services, events, and partnership opportunities provided by the department:

Recreation | Youth Activities | Facility Rentals | Dr. Bob Run

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