Bachelor’s in Community Health at KU

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Program Overview

The bachelor's degree in community health at the University of Kansas prepares students for career paths in a variety of public and community-based settings. The program is rigorous and dynamic and allows students who are passionate about health issues in a community setting to work with individuals to develop healthy attitudes and behaviors. Students in this program acquire the knowledge and skills to engage with diverse communities in the development, implementation, and assessment of health promotion programs. Coursework also prepares students for the Certified Health Education Specialist exam.

Career Outcomes in the Community Health Field

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in community health from the University of Kansas will prepare for positions in city, state, and federal health departments or community-based organizations. Graduate school opportunities include advanced study in various fields such as occupational therapy, nursing, physician’s assistant, dental hygiene, applied behavioral science, public health, or nutrition. Potential position titles after graduation include:

  • Hospital/clinic-based educator
  • Health consultant
  • Health education specialist
  • Health education program coordinator
  • Corporate wellness professional

Career Statistics

$56K salary

Graduates can expect a median starting salary of $56,000 in Kansas, according to

Professional credentials

Coursework fulfills the requirements for first aid certification as well as the option to become a certified health education specialist.

Minor options

Students have the flexibility to develop expertise in health-related areas through a variety of minor options.

Graduate study

Those who choose to pursue an advanced degree after graduation are considered for many highly-selective master's & doctoral programs across the U.S.

Thinking about community health?

Let us know you’re interested in the program. We would love to connect with you to discuss the program’s curriculum, steps necessary for admission to KU, and what to expect during the professional program admission process one you have become a Jayhawk.

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