Amateur Sport Research Center

a hockey player in focus looks off in the distance while an opposing team in blurred background
a smiling woman wearing a karate gi assists a young child balancing herself on colorful dome-shaped surfaces
Two lacrosse players face to face wearing masks and jerseys

Our scope


To foster collaborative research opportunities built upon the overarching focus of amateur sport.


On a multitude of issues and questions surrounding the subject of amateur sport provide an array of interdisciplinary and inter-university research possibilities.


By conducting forward-thinking empirical research, the center seeks to produce impactful knowledge for academic scholars and industry leaders alike.

Collaborations & Services

  • The Dr. Marlene Mawson Scholar Series was established through the generous gifts of former University of Kansas professor and administrator, Marlene Mawson. The Scholar Series serves as an opportunity to bring established scholars from the field to share their knowledge and experience with the KU campus.
  • The ASRC works with small colleges and universities to help better understand and improve the student-athlete experience
  • Numerous professionals in the field of amateur sport are brought to campus each year to speak with KU students about their work and discuss potential industry collaborations

Researcher Team

Jordan Bass
Dr. Jordan R. Bass
Chair, Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences, Associate Professor

Opportunities for Students & Fellow Researchers

The center will aim to adhere to its mission through several primary areas: research, national sport management conferences, and monthly colloquiums.

Testing Capabilities & Equipment

By conducting amateur sport research, the center strives to foster an environment of innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research that produces impactful knowledge as recognized by both academic scholars and industry experts. We define amateur sport as those who participate and govern at the youth, recreational, local, national, international, and intercollegiate levels.