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Master's in Exercise Science at KU

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The Master's in Exercise Science* at the University of Kansas School of Education consists of 30 (or 36) credit hours. The M.S.E. requires a minimum of thirty graduate semester hours for a thesis option and thirty-six graduate semester hours for a non-thesis option for each respective specialization in HSES. A 3.00 Grade Point Average must be maintained throughout the program of study.

Three (3)-credit hours outside of HSES

The outside course may be taken from any graduate level course offered by the university or it can be a course within the HSES department but outside of the specialized area of study. Note: At least 20 semester hours of the MSE degree must be completed in courses meeting at regularly scheduled times (not by appointment). Ten semester hours of these regularly scheduled courses must be taken in the Department of HSES.

Master's Thesis

Students conducting research, which generates new and original data, will enroll in HSES 899 Master's Thesis. Students who apply for the Master's Thesis option, must be accepted by a faculty member in the specialization area to be admitted. This faculty member will serve as the student's thesis advisor who will also serve as chair of the three-faculty member thesis committee. The student must present a formal research proposal and later defend the results in a final oral examination of the thesis. The student may enroll in any combination of thesis hours in any number of semesters; (e.g. 2-2-2, 3-3, 1-4-1, 1-5, etc) and must be enrolled during the semester when they defend the thesis and complete the degree.

Comprehensive Written Exam

Those students who select the non-thesis option will be required to take and pass the 4.5-hour written comprehensive examination given in their last semester of course work. The student's faculty advisor in consultation with the student will decide which faculty members will write the questions for each of the different areas. The student must pass all parts of the examination in order to receive a passing score. Comprehensive exams are graded pass or fail. Failed portions of the exam may be retaken after consultation with the faculty member.

An application form to request to take the examination must be filed with the HSES Graduate Secretary in 104 Robinson within the first three weeks of the semester the student will write. Examinations will be given every Fall (October), Spring (April), and Summer (July). The student must be enrolled in at least one, but not more than six, graduate hours at the University of Kansas during the semester the examination taken.

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*This program is a Master of Science in Education degree in health, sport management, and exercise science with an emphasis in exercise science.

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