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The purpose of the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences’ (HSES) Internship program is to provide students at the University of Kansas with an opportunity for practical experience in an Agency of organization, which is involved in providing services in their related fields. The HSES Internship experience is a unique opportunity to simulate the type of employment that is in the Student's area of interest. The difference between employment and the Internship is that the Student maintains affiliation with the University during the experience. This affiliation serves to protect and provide the Student with feedback regarding progress during the Internship. The Internship is an active learning experience, which enables the Intern Student to gain practical experience in areas of administration, planning, and leadership, under the supervision of both a qualified Internship Agency Supervisor and a HSES Internship Supervisor. The Internship augments academic experiences by helping to bridge the gap from the academic present to the professional future.

The HSES Internship experience involves a three-way partnership between the University of Kansas, the Student Intern, and the Internship Agency. Each party assumes specific responsibilities and functions which, when combined, lead to valuable benefits for all partners.

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