Bachelor’s in Physical Education Plus at KU

Dr. Ashley Herda and student lead several young students in an indoor athletic activity with medicine balls

Program Overview

The bachelor's degree in physical education (PE) plus at the University of Kansas prepares individuals to become PE teachers at the pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade levels. The PE plus program also prepares graduates to pursue a licensure endorsement (by KSDE examination) in a variety of areas, or earn a minor in business or sport management.

Career Outcomes in the Teaching Field

Students who graduate with a bachelor's degree in physical education plus from the University of Kansas will have fulfilled the requirements for the degree as well as the requirements to pursue an initial teaching license in physical education for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in Kansas. Graduates who have chosen to pursue a second teaching area in addition to PE, will have also completed coursework to prepare them to earn (by KSDE examination) an add-on licensure endorsement in one of the following areas: health (PK-12), mathematics (5-8), science (5-8), English (5-8 or 6-12), speech/theatre (6-12), or psychology (6-12). The bachelor's degree in physical education plus prepares individuals to work as teachers in the classroom, as well as with other physical education-related settings. Potential position titles after graduation could include:

  • Teacher
  • Fitness professional
  • Program coordinator
  • Curriculum specialist
  • Department chair
  • Physical activity leader
  • Athletic director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Events & operations coordinator
  • Personnel manager

The physical education plus program meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state of Kansas.

KU’s licensure programs strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about the educational requirements for licensure in U.S. states and territories. However, regulations are subject to change and varying interpretations. In addition to possible changes in educational requirements, licensure often includes additional requirements, such as specific examinations and additional training or practicum hours. It is highly recommended that students seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency before beginning an academic program to ensure they know what is needed to obtain the license/certification/registration in the state in which they intend to practice and/or seek licensure.

Career Statistics

$58K salary

Graduates can expect an average salary of $58,000 in Kansas, according to the Kansas State Department of Education.

Licensure endorsements

Students who successfully complete this program at KU may be eligible to take advantage of licensure endorsements options in a variety of areas.

Minor options

Students may also choose to pursue a minor in business or sport management rather than adding a licensure endorsement.

Graduate study

Those who choose to pursue an advanced degree after graduation are considered for many highly-selective master's & doctoral programs across the U.S.

Thinking about physical education?

Let us know you’re interested in the program. We would love to connect with you to discuss the program’s curriculum, steps necessary for admission to KU, and what to expect during the professional program.

Blaine Jepson

"PE+ is not just a program on campus, but a community. It’s a tight knit group from the professors to the students. Everyone is committed to learning how we can best serve communities through physical activity and FUN!"

Blaine Jepson
Senior in PE+


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