Program Guide for Physical Education Plus (B.S.E.)


This program enables teacher candidates to 1) apply for a Kansas state teaching license with an endorsement in Physical Education (PK-12), and 2) prepare them to pursue endorsement in an additional secondary teaching field, or complete a minor in another academic area.


95-107 credits of general education, physical education content, and professional courses, and an interchangeable block of 18-25 credits in a second field.


Individuals with an initial teaching license are designated by the state of Kansas as “highly qualified” to teach the subject in which they have an endorsement. Teachers with two or more teaching endorsements are more marketable than those with only one. Graduates will be eligible to apply for additional job openings. Once hired, they can move from one subject area to another as deemed necessary by their school or district.

Secondary physical education teachers are often called upon to serve as Athletic Director for high school and/or middle school sports. Coursework in business or management will prepare prospective teachers for administrative duties beyond the classroom.

An initial teaching license in physical education is proposed because PE has unique teaching methodology and classroom management strategies that are essential for effectiveness and student learning. The physical education teaching context presents challenges that require special managerial and instructional techniques which can also facilitate success in a classroom context. Physical education training can prepare prospective educators to teach in both contexts--the gymnasium and the classroom.


Since June 2012, licensed Kansas teachers can add endorsements by passing the appropriate content exam through ETS. The KSDE Licensure Regulation 91-1-209 reads as follows:

(f)(1) Except as prescribed in paragraph (f)(2), any person who holds a valid teaching license may add an additional teaching endorsement by submitting to the state board the following: (A) Verification of successful completion of the endorsement content assessment prescribed by the state board; (B) an application for an added endorsement; and (C) the application fee.

(f)(2) Teaching endorsements for early childhood, early childhood unified, early childhood through late childhood generalist (elementary), adaptive, functional, gifted, deaf or hard-of-hearing, or visually impaired shall not be available under paragraph (f)(1). (Authorized by and implementing Article 6, Section 2(a) of the Kansas Constitution; effective July 1, 2003; amended Aug. 10, 2007; amended July 18, 2008; amended July 27, 2012.)

This regulation enables licensed teachers to take an exam and be awarded endorsements in one or more additional teaching fields, excluding those listed in paragraph (f)(2). They can do so without coursework, field experience, observation, practice teaching, etc. in their second subject. The State of Kansas considers them “highly qualified” teachers in a field in which they have received no training. The proposed program would provide relevant coursework in two endorsement areas so graduates are more deserving of the distinction of a highly-qualified teacher in both fields.

General Education

 Course #TitleCredit hours
*ENGL 101Composition3
*ENGL 102Critical Reading & Writing3
*MATH 101 or MATH 204College Algebra or Precalculus Mathematics3-5
*MATH 105 or aboveIntro to Topics in Mathematics3
*COMS 130Speaker-Audience Communication3
*BIOL 100 and BIOL 102Principles of Biology and Lab4
*PSYC 104General Psychology3
*SOC 104Elements of Sociology3
*Arts & Humanities/Non-Western electiveelective3
*Social Science/Global Awareness Electiveelective3
admission requirements
* KU core
34-36 Hrs.

Physical Education Content

 Course #TitleCredit hours
 HSES 108 electives (3)Basic Skill Instruction in: (Weight training, yoga, and sports)3
HSES 201Team Sports2
HSES 202Individual & Dual Sports2
 HSES 210 or certificationInstruction & Analysis in Swimming (or WSI certification)0-1
HSES 214PE Activities for Elementary School Children2
HSES 244Intro to PE & Sport Studies3
HSES 248 or certificationFirst Aid0-2
HSES 260Personal & Community Health3
 HSES 358Creative Movement and Dance Appreciation2
 Elective(if necessary)3
admission requirements
* KU core
21-24 Hrs.

Professional Courses

Course #TitleCredit hours
*C&T 235Cultural Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in K-12 Schools3
C&T 359Literacy in the Content Areas1
*ELPS 250Education & Society3
HSES 269Intro to Exercise Science3
HSES 302Practicum in Adaptive Health & PE for Elem & Sec School Children2
HSES 315Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education3
HSES 320Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education3
HSES 340Instructional Strategies in Motor Development2
HSES 369Kinesiology3
HSES 410Program Design in Physical Education3
HSES 440Applied Sport & Performance Psychology3
SPED 326Teaching Exceptional Children & Youth in General Education3
* KU core
31 Hrs.

PE Plus Option

Course #TitleCredit hours
 18-25 Hrs.

Student Teaching

Course #TitleCredit hours
HSES 500Student Teaching in Physical Education14
*HSES 501Seminar in Teaching Health & Physical Education2
* KU core
16 Hrs.

The total program hours

Total hours

PE PLUS Options

Health (PK-12)

Course #TitleCredit hours
HSES 403Health Behavior Theory3
HSES 308Drugs & Diseases in Society3
HSES 330Nutrition3
HSES 467Intro to Health Education3
HSES 468Methods & Materials in Health Education3
HSES 489Health & Human Sexuality3
  18 hrs.

Middle-level Math (5-8)

Course #TitleCredit hours
C&T 360/C&T 290Knowing & Learning in Math & Science/Intro Teaching3/1
C&T 366Class Interactions in Math & Science (prereq: C&T 360)3
MATH 109Math for Elem (Middle) School Teachers I3
MATH 110Math for Elem (Mid) Teachers II (prereq: MATH 109)3
MATH 115Calculus I3
MATH 116Calculus II (prereq: MATH 115)3
MATH 365Elementary Statistics3
  22 hrs.

Middle-level Science (5-8)

Course #TitleCredit hours
C&T 360/C&T 290Knowing & Learning in Math & Science/Intro Teaching3/1
C&T 366Classroom Interactions in Math & Science (prereq: C&T 360)3
CHEM 110Introductory Chemistry w/lab5
EVRN 304 or 336Environmental Conservation OR Ethics, Ideas and Nature3
GEOL 101Way the Earth Works3
HIST 336 (optional)Ethics, Ideas, and Nature0-3
PHSX 114College Physics I4
  22 hrs.

English (5-8 or 6-12)*

Course #TitleCredit hours
C&T 448 (sub for 359)Reading in the Content Area3
ENGL 209, 210, OR 211Intro to Fiction/Poetry/Drama3
ENGL 312 OR 314Major British Writers3
ENGL 320 OR 322American Literature I or II3
ENGL 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 362Writing (Fiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, Playwriting, Nonfiction, Technical)3
ENGL 359English Grammar3
HUM 304, 308, OR 312World Literature I, II OR III3
  21 hrs.

*6-8 credits can be earned through Study Abroad

Speech/Theatre (6-12)

Course #TitleCredit hours
COMS 210Comm in Org’l & Prof’l Contexts3
COMS 230Fundamentals of Debate3
COMS 320 OR 335Communication on the Internet OR Rhetoric, Politics and the Mass Media3
COMS 330Effective Business Communication3
COMS 331Persuasive Speaking3
  15 hrs.

Psychology (6-12)

Course #TitleCredit hours
PSYC 200Research Methods in Psychology3
PSYC 318Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 350Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 360Social Psychology3
PSYC 370Behavioral Neuroscience3
PSYC 333 OR EPSY 305 OR EPSY 306Child Development OR Dvlmnt & Lrng of Child OR Dvlmnt & Lrng of Adolescent3
  18 hrs.


Sport Management

Course #TitleCredit hours
HSES 289Intro to Sport Management3
HSES 380Sociology of Sport3
HSES 483Sport Finance & Economics3
HSES 486Sport Marketing3
HSES 487Personnel Management in Sport3
Any 2: HSES 381, 382, 384, 484, 485, 598Sport Ethics, Sport Facilities & Event Mgmt, Sport Law, Sport in Film, Sport Communication, Special Topics6
  21 hrs.


Course #TitleCredit hours
ACCT 205 (or 200)Survey of Accounting (Fund of Financial Acctng)3
IST 205 (or 202)Survey of Information Systems (Intro to Info Systems)3
MGMT 305 (or 310)Survey of Management & Leadership (Org’l Behavior)3
MKTG 305 (or 310)Survey of Marketing (Marketing)3
FIN 305 (or 310)Survey of Finance (Finance)3
SCM 305 (or 310)Survey Decision Making in Business (Mgmt Sci & Op Mgmt)3
  18 hrs.