Jayhawk Athletic Performance Lab

The Jayhawk Athletic Performance Lab is part of the Osness Human Performance Laboratories housed in the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences. 

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory is to provide sport science research and information support to University and area sport teams, coaches and athletes.  The consistent theme of research and support is centered on optimizing high performance in athletic settings.

The vision of the Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory is to create a sport performance-based research organization that goes beyond just benefiting KU student-athletes, coaches, sport programs, and the HSES academic department.  Directions include the following collaborations and services:

  • developing educational opportunities for KU students through internships and coursework;
  • collaborations with other KU departments and units;
  • collaborations with other universities in the U.S. and abroad;
  • collaborations with corporate partners;
  • collaborations with secondary school systems across Kansas; and
  • creating educational opportunities via conferences, or visiting professors or students.

Research Team

Recent collaborations between KU Athletics and the Human Performance Laboratories in the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences have resulted in the creation of the Research and Coaching Performance Team. This team of coaches, sport scientists and students has been developed to optimize and coordinate collaborative efforts for the study of sports performance. Through these efforts, coaches and athletes can benefit as information is made available concerning training methods and modalities.

Andrew Fry
Professor, Director, Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory
Robinson Health and Physical Education Center, 308B

Andrew Fry is a professor in the Department of Health, Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas. He received his degrees from Nebraska Wesleyan University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Penn State University. During his two year post-doctoral training, Andy studied... more

Opportunities for Students

Students studying as exercise science majors (bachelor's degree) or in the master's degree or Ph.D. in exercise physiology are welcome to become members of the Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory research team. Bi-monthly meetings are held to discuss and evaluate ongoing and future projects and collaborations. All interested individuals are welcome to attend these meetings to find out more about the work performed in the lab. Student activities range from assisting with data collection and analyses, to writing and presenting results at professional conferences, or developing projects of their own. In many cases, students help write scientific manuscripts for publication, or internal white papers designed to provide rapid feedback to coaches and athletes.

Community Collaborators

Local collaborations have included the following organizations: KU Athletics Strength & Conditioinin; KU Sport & Exercise Psychology Laboratory; Greenbush; Eudora School District; Ottawa University; Lawrence Memorial Hospital Sport Performance; KS Chapter NSCA; and others.

Testing Capabilities & Equipment

  • DARI markerless motion capture system
  • EliteForm & Bio-Pac data acquisition system
  • Large format force plates & multi-channel position transducers
  • Pro-Spot, high-speed videography, Woodway Force 3.0 Treadmill
  • Batting cage, pitching lanes, radar gun & MLB Blast batting technology
  • Basketball court, electronic sprint/agility timing system
  • Video motion capture software & Tendo/FitroDyne dynamometers
  • Phlebotomy & salivary collection capabilities
  • Muscle biopsy & hormonal assay capabilities
  • Free weights, power racks, weight releasers & chain resistance 

Opportunities for Fellow Researchers

Interested parties are always welcome to contact our lab to discuss collaborations or visitations. Research collaborations and partnerships have included the following institutions: Emporia State University; University of Memphis; California State University – Northridge; California State University – Fullerton; Upper Iowa University; Eastern Kentucky University; George Mason University; DeSales University; East Tennessee State University; Universidad Autónoma de Baja California; Longwood University; and others.

Contact the lab director to get started.

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