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Mission & Vision

The KU Sport & Exercise Psychology Laboratory (KUSEPL) is devoted to research and service that helps individuals optimize their physical activity experiences.  Research from the KUSEPL employs an Achievement Goal Perspective Theory and caring framework to examine how participants’ perceptions of a task-involving (one focused on each person’s personal effort, improvement, and cooperation) and caring climate (where each person involved is treated with mutual kindness and respect) impact their enjoyment, desire to continue their sport participation, and psychological responses including empathy, emotional regulation, hope and happiness. The KUSEPL regularly conducts evaluations of physical activity programs, provides training to coaches and professionals working in sport and physical activity settings on how to create task-involving and caring climates, and delivers physical activity/positive life skills and mental skills training programming to participants of all ages.

Research Team

The lab members include faculty, graduate and undergraduate students studying and working in the field of sport and exercise psychology. 

Mary Fry
Robinson Health and Physical Education Center, 161

Mary Fry is a professor in sport and exercise psychology and is the Director of the KU Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab. Her research focuses on creating a caring and task-involving climate for individuals (e.g., athletes, coaches, exercisers) in physical activity settings and the social,... more

Sport Psych: The Next Edge Podcast

A podcast designed to help enhance your mental skills. Hannah and Dr. Darrell Phillips are trained in performance sport psychology and are passionate about helping you grow stronger mentally just as you would physically. Each episode, they will discuss and challenge you in topics such as motivation and goal setting, as well as provide tips that you can directly apply to your competitions. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level, this is the podcast for you. Access the podcast here.

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Mary Fry, Ph.D.

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